Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Show and Tell

What is the best part of a quilt guild meeting? Why Show and Tell, of course. That is certainly true at the AAQG. At last nights meeting that was certainly true. I do want to add that I enjoyed the speaker as well. She wasn't doing what I'm doing, but I could certainly appreciate her work and let me be honest, I like anyone who can tell a good story.
My show and tell last night was my improv piece that I put together lickety-split. Here it is after it has been quilted (and washed to give it that drawn up look.) I liked this piece before I quilted it, but I gotta say the quilting has added so much texture that this piece is really singing now. Luv it, luv it, luv it! Quilting is awesome!



Gosh I love your quilting... I love how you used the batiks for the challenge,and put a mod spin on Matisse. The colors do SING! great job!

belinda said...

OH...I'm just jealous that you have something to 'show' and 'tell'!!! This is such a great improv quilt! Isn't it just amazing what the quilting does!! I certainly 'catch' your 'love' for this quilt....GREAT!