Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Jennifer Paganelli quilting

If you are thinking I can't get enough of this Jennifer Paganelli fabric, you are right. I had to make two baby quilts (both girls) and these JP fabrics lend themselves perfectly to that end. This quilt is the fraternal twin to the one I finished earlier this month. I cut enough star parts for two quilts at once and pieced all the stars at the same time. And although they are put together similarly, I had to do something a little differently the second time around. It sure did turn out cute. I had delusions of getting this quilted before Christmas (yes, I was definitely delusional or real drunk), but that didn't happen. But hey, there is always the week after Christmas. (Hope springs eternal here in Austin, Tx.) Merry quilting to you all! Me? I'm cleaning bathrooms, cause I got company coming.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The cutest teacher gifts, ever!

Back in May, I made some cute teacher gifts. I thought they were pretty stinkin cute. However, I have made the absolute cutest teacher gifts in my own history of making stuff (and I've made alot of stuff). I, of course, started out with a quick little sketch, pulled some scraps and I had something going. (I so want to mention that the red solid was a remanent that I paid $.99 for, Yipee!)

I machine appliqued these babies up lickety-split! And it didn't take a hour to machine quilt both of them!

I there anything about quilting that doesn't just make your skirt fly up?
Merry Quilting and happy teacher gift making!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Counting my blessings

I try and count my blessings every day and today I thought I would share a few of them. First on the list, sunny 70 degree weather. Yipee! It has been soupy and in the 40's for days (which would be fine if this were Seattle, but this is Austin, a place known for friendly people, live music, good mexican food and SUN!) Second on the list, a finished quilt. Quilted, bound and washed, it looks good!

Third, feathers. Luv em!!

And lastly, in my world a quilt is not a quilt if the back is not pieced. Oooh, what is not to luv about a pieced back?
Enjoy your blessings today and merry quilting!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Life is all about balance and being out of balance makes it difficult to get everything done. I have been out of balance but I have taken steps to get back into balance. And hurray! I'm back with a post!
You didn't think I had completely given up quilting, did you? Absolutely not! I still found time to squeeze it in. One of the things I did as a stress reliever was what I like to call "itchy finger sewing". I made a quick sketch. (Didn't spend more that 2 minutes on it.) I then took some of my favorite (of the moment) scraps and came up with this little cutie!

I zipped this up in a few hours and then it took maybe an hour to machine quilt it. And it is CUTE!!

The scraps for this were made from leftovers from these stars.

That went to make this quilt. A baby quilt for a new baby girl.

Happy quilting!