Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Baby Boy is Ten

Holy Smokes, time has flown. It just doesn't seem possible, but I'm the mother of a ten year old. Ten years since I went to the hospital and had him and my brother came to see us and and I let him hold my precious bundle you joy and he said, "Sister, you have had a nose with a baby underneath." And since my brother has been agrievating me all my life, I, of course, ignored him. Until a week and a half later, when the pictures arrived in the mail. Yikes!! I had a nose with a baby underneath! Hey coming out the birth canal is a rough ride. And by the time those pictures arrived he was perfect and beautiful. And as I look at this tall, skinny, goofy, freckled face kid I can still see that chubby little baby I bathed in the kitchen sink.
The very first quilt I made was for him. He still sleeps with it on his bed but he also sleeps under "the coolest quilt ever", a Texas flag quilt. Probably not the last quilt I will make him. So happy birthday, my darling boy, and happy gave birth day to me. Hey, I think that is appropriate after what my body went thru to have him, especially my bladder.



great quilt! Happy birthday~~!!! 10 years. yep, time flies. mines 9 in a few weeks, I figure next year I will be having an anxiety attack when I realize I have a 10 yer old too!
have fun today!

caroline said...

This is Caroline from the Quilting Guild... I love this Texas Quilt. My mom would never require anything else from me if I were to make her something like this. All of your work is so fantastic!