Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Pretty Pink Quilt

Finally a finish! To say I have under gone some life changes is an absolute understatement! And as a result I have not had much time to sew. However, I did finally get this cute little pink quilt finished. (And not a minute too soon. I the tiny recipient was born in Dallas, Texas a week ago.) Yipee!

And of course, I pieced the back!
It felt really good to be sewing again. After taking an unintended breather, (Your life falling apart usually makes that happen)I'm back to sewing my brains out whenever possible.

And more exciting news? My girlfriend, Miss V,Is coming to Austin on Wednesday. We are going to Houston for the BIG SHOW on Friday. (Yes, that's right 5 days of quilt stuff together! Yipee!!!) So if you see two tall women (I'm 5'8 and she is 6 ft) with short hair at the quilt show in Houston, it could very well be us. So, come say "HI"! We'd luv to visit ya!
Happy sewing!!!