Friday, June 19, 2009

Good things come in the mail

The mailman brought me a wonderful surprise yesterday. Victoria @ Bumblebeans and I each put some scraps in a bag and exchanged them. The idea being to do "whatever" with the scraps we each received. I got this little cutie from her yesterday afternoon. Her machine quilting looks fabulous. Well done, V. Where is the one I owe her you ask? Not quite finished, however, I hope to have it done and in the mail next week.
I thought once school was out things would be a little less hectic around here. That has absolutely not been the case. But funnily enough I actually have some time today, so with that being the case I think I'll go sew! Yipee! Happy quilting.

Friday, June 5, 2009

School is out!

Our last day of school is done! Yipee! And both of my little angels have matriculated. (Yes, you heard me call them angels. They are each in separate rooms doing their own things, apart. Not fighting.) My life has left very little time for sewing this week. The last week of school is busy! I would like to report that my teacher gifts were very well received. (Not that I thought that they wouldn't be, but everybody has their own taste.) The girls in my son's class were nuts about them. It has been a great day for all.
Since I haven't had any real time for quilting I thought I'd post a picture of a little wall hanging I did a few years ago. It is one of a series I did of flowers. I may have worked in a series but all three pieces were very different. I definitely need to do some more series work. (One more thing to add to my list this summer.) So happy summer vacation and happy quilting to all!