Thursday, April 30, 2009

Matisse Inspired Improv Piece

Last week Victoria@Bumblbeans proposed an improvisational challenge using a Matisse painting as the inspiration. She did hers very quickly (about 3 minutes?) making yes or no decisions instinctively. I work like this a lot, so of course I was absolutely interested. I decided that I would use only batik scraps I had left over from a previous project. So with that in mind, I studied the painting for a minute or two, put it away and then started putting together this top. It took about 2 hrs from the time I dumped my scraps out on my work table to the time I squared up this 25" x 20" top. And it is CUTE! And while I was doing my thing, my 7 year old daughter got the paints out and painted this picture. She does everything rainbow and has since she was 2 years old. How that came to be, I can't imagine. And as my mother would say, "She is quite obviously a double genius just like her Gran." Absolutely! Now my fingers are itching to machine quilt this little cutie! Happy quilting!



Well my dear! LOVE the colors! nice movement around the piece! I'm happy you gave it a whirl! new things are good. ;-)
And where do you think your daughter gets that? oh pleeze!
My daughter only wore Rainbow from the age of 2-5, on her 5th Birthday she woke up and said, my new favorite color is brown. And she wore all brown for her birthday party that day.We actually had to go buy some since only rainbow stripes existed in her closet!

Jackie Russell said...

Love the bright colors. It looks like your daughter has your love for color.