Friday, October 31, 2008


What do you get when you have a pile of scraps and fingers that are itching to sew? Why log cabins, of course. Aren't they cute? They are just the cutest little things and I have made 10 so far. Yes, I know there are only five in the picture (I took it yesterday afternoon.) I will absolutely show the finished pictures of these little cuties. I'm off to Houston very early in the morning and will have, if not lots to say, then at least lots of pictures. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Diamonds together

Yeah! I finished sewing my diamonds together last Friday. Unfortunately family, work, life, and a really dirty house have kept me from posting until today. But they are done (all 23). Now for sashing. I have some fabric I might use but I really have something else in mind. The good news is I'm going to the Houston show a week from Saturday and I'm sure to find something there. Woo-hoo!

Monday, October 13, 2008


I seem to be having trouble getting my pictures in the correct order and size. I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person (which may be my real problem) but this seems to be a problem for now.

more jelly and diamonds

Yeah, it's time to piece! First I like to lay my diamonds out in 4 x 4 rows. When arranging my diamond block I will make sure I don't make any block the same. The randomness is what will make this quilt sing when it is finished. If you have never sewn diamonds together before, notice that you want the tails "hanging" a 1/4in on each end. (A good way to measure this is to use a small scrap with your quarter inch sewn at the end.) Sew two units together and then two units to make a row. Sew the rows together by two and then the two bigger units together to make your diamond block. When pinning your rows together, put a pin perpendicular thru at the spot you want your seams to meet and pin on either side of this pin. Take the perpendicular pins out before you sew. Use your personal quarter inch measure to help with pin placement. And last but not least, use a sharp (as apposed to a universal) needle for piecing. Finger press your seams open as you go.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kaffe stars quilt is done!

Yipee! My kaffe stars quilt is done! I love it when a quilt is finally finished!

Friday, October 10, 2008

more jelly and diamonds

Stack two or three strips (making sure they are in alignment) to cut, line the 45 degree angle on your ruler along the bottom of your strips (make sure to be to the right of the selvedge edge)and cut. Next, line the 2 1/2" mark on your ruler on the cut line and cut your diamond. If you need to use a post it note to remind yourself of the 2 1/2" line, do it. Stack the diamonds from each strip into its own stack.

Jelly and diamonds

I am ready to make my jelly and diamonds quilt and I will be chronicling my process as I go. I would love to have any comments or questions. So first things first, unroll your strips and lay them out. Since I will be cutting diamonds on the 45 degree angle, I am going to spray starch my strips. (Be generous with the spray starch.)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

kaffe block exchange quilt

Yeah, I finally finished quilting my Kaffe Fassett block exchange quilt. I'm happy with how it turned out. The only thing left is to attach the binding. I will post a picture of the finished quilt in a few days. Next on my agenda is to start cutting diamonds out of my newest jellyroll.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Machine Quilting

I had a large chunk of time yesterday and I was able to machine quilt. Yee-Haw! The quilt I worked on was made with blocks I received in a block exchange I participated in. The blocks are all made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics. We did two sizes, 10" (finished) and 5". I hope to get this finished next week. While I am a finisher, sometimes things get in the way of my best laid plans. (Usually those things are either my husband or one of my children.) I am pleased with how it is looking.
I am also happy to announce that the 2009 Texas Poetry calendar is out. There is a quilt on the cover. It is my quilt. Yeah! The art work was done by my girlfriend Kristee. I have known her since before we could drive, (over half our lives.) She is a double genius! (Luv ya Kris!) You can get a copy at Book People in Austin or go to
Do your fingers ever just get the itch to sew even if you don't have a particular project in mind? This little blue quilt is a result of that. It is made totally of leftover fabric from a couple of previous project. Didn't it turn out cute? I have to say quilting makes my skirt fly up! Yipee!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Omg, I'm a blogger. How exciting. Since this is a place to post my musings, I'll go ahead and jump right in. Quilting is both my passion and my obsession. I spend hours a day thinking all things "quilty." Last weekend was the AQQG quilt show. It was fabulous. Lots of quilts, ribbons, and all manner of things. And yes two of these ribbons went home with me. Also, my friend Karen made some beautiful flower pins for all my bee members to wear to the show. Didn't it turn out cute?
So what would a quilt show be without shopping. I did'nt buy much , but I did manage to get a jellyroll. I love these things. It is calling to me to cut it up as I'm writing this. More on that later. But for know let me say how excited I am that I am doing this because I love talking about quilting.