Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Odds and Ends Day

It has been an odds and ends day.  First off, I have been meaning to post this pillow pic.  It is the Japanese + and x block.  I love this little block and have been wanting to do something with it for a while now.  I would like to make a big quilt with this block one day.  Don't now if that will happen anytime in the near future.

 Every time I look at this pillow I smile.  This is not the only sewing I have managed around here but pics will have to come after Santa's visit.   

 I did get some batik scraps out today, I am happy to say.  And obviously I have Hearts on the brain.

Just a little "itchy finger" sewing.  You know when you just think "what if I try this?"

Or what if I do this?

It has been a good "Odds and Ends" sewing kinda day.......