Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Italian tiles WIP

I love this little block.  I went to my stash and pulled every blue, red and yellow I had.  Then I put them together in groups of 3's.  The center is completely from my stash.

There are a lot of memories in this quilt.  I bought and used this yellow fabric in the 3rd quilt I ever made, which is about 13 or 14 years ago.

This blue was sent to me by a good friend.  It is amazing that a lot of the fabrics I remember when and where and for what project I bought them.  Which is really amazing since if I forget my grocery list I'm in trouble. 

And while the center Italian tile blocks are totally from my stash, I just couldn't stand it when it came time to put on borders.  I just had to go see what was at the fabric store.  I sure am glad I did!  It sure did turn out cute!  Today I'm piecing a back.

Happy Sewing and Memory Making!