Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Eeakk! I have run out of wonder-under! How did this happen? I always, always have wonder-under in a few different places. I even looked in my secret spot in the back of the closet and no wonder-under. I don't even remember when I dug that out. So, off I go to Hobby Lobby to get some. Have you ever been to a Hobby Lobby? There is a ton of stuff in a Hobby Lobby. However, I went straight to the back corner (where they keep the fabric) had a nice lady lady cut me a couple of yards. I then walked straight back up to the front of the store, not even glancing at all the crap I passed. I have never been in and out of that store that fast.
The good news is I now have my stars fused and half of them are appliqued down. Maybe I'll get to sew the rest down after dinner, baths and bedtime. And then again maybe not.

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smoothiejuice said...

this project is so fun to watch evolve