Sunday, February 1, 2009


My baby is seven today! I can't believe it has been seven years. It doesn't seem to have been that long since I was hugely pregnant (the size of a barn) with her and crying that I was to fat to live. And I can still remember how bad it hurt when my epidural wore off. It hurt like a m---- f-----! It just doesn't seem that long ago even when I look at her and see the proof. This is her baby quilt I made her that was so big when we brought her home from the hospital. Now, her legs are way too long for it when she lays underneath it. My how time flies when your raising kids and making quilts. Now I'm going to go bake a birthday cake, cause if you can't make a quilt making a birthday cake is a pretty good substitution. Happy baking!


jacquie said...

well, happy birthday to her and congrats to you...may you have many more happy ones. they do grow up fast, don't they.

Victoria said...

A very Happy Birthday to your little girl, (and to you too, for doing all the work!) They do indeed grow up fast. My oldest will be 20 in just one month, yet it seems like yesterday I was birthing her. My second daughter was born at home and I was trying so hard to do this whole tender, gentle home birth thing with her. However, the pain was so great with no epidermal or episiotomy, that the first words my little one ever heard as she was being birthed would have made a longshoreman blush! It indeed hurt like a m_____ f_____!

The baby quilt is lovely and I am sure she will always treasure it!