Friday, March 27, 2009

Forgotten camera

The corner of my brain that says to me "Hey don't forget the camera." has turned itself off. Augh! I went and taught a class last Saturday (forgot my camera). I was the guest speaker on Monday night for the Killeen guild and I forgot my camera. Last night I had another class (ladies, y'all were great) and guess what? I forgot my camera! This is getting ridiculous. I guess I have too much to remember and not enough gray matter to hold it all. Or maybe I need a glass of wine and a little peace and quiet. The good news? My husband and kids are going to West Texas for the weekend, so it is going to be just me and the dog. Yipee! I am going to turn up the music, turn on my machine and sew my brains out! Yee-haw!
However, I do have a quilt to show. The quilt above was a block exchange I did a couple of years ago and gave to my mother-in-law. She graciously let me borrow it for a couple of trunk shows I did, but it is going back to her this weekend. (Thanks Ruth, I love and appreciate you!) I'm off to sew. Happy Quilting!


Exuberant Color said...

Hi Shelley, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I see you like bright quilts too. If you put a check mark in front of "show email" in Edit Profile, bloggers can email you directly back from your comment.

I'll be back to read your older posts.

Victoria said...

I am notorious for forgetting my camera. Use to make me so mad, but now I figure that as long as I remember to put clothes on, plus know my name, address and year, then I am doing okay!

Beautiful quilt, as always, and enjoy your alone time!!

Martha-Del Sol Quilts said...

Great photo Shelly! I haven't made anything with my squares. Thank you for your comment on my post. I fixed the RSS issue, I see you are getting the latest post. Have fun this weekend!!

KateKwiltz said...

That is gorgeous! Love all the color!

And thanks for visiting!