Friday, January 15, 2010

Quilting while pondering quilting

While sewing together these little stars today (from my scraps), I pondered a question I was asked earlier in the week. "What is "modern" quilting? Is it rectagular shapes and minimal pattern? Is it "free piecing? What about the intricate and innovative? And what about color and texture?
Jaquie @ Tallgrass is doing work that I would consider modern but she uses traditional blocks alot. What about Victoria? That Kitchen sink of hers is certainly funky but that type of quilt has been made before. I'm not saying Victoria isn't doing her own thing. She is! I've seen her in action in the flesh and she's awesome. And me? I may not have reinvented the wheel but I'm certainly rolling it down a road I paved myself. (And I'm singing my own song while I'm doin it!)
So, I guess "modern quilting" is really like pornography. You may not be able to "define" it, but you sure know it when you see it!
Happy quilting!


Diva Quilts said...

*laughs* Modern quilting is like pornography? We've gotten way "cooler" than I ever thought we would! ;)

I struggled with this question a couple of months ago, with a group of women who are trying to make the old "modern" and are working through quilt-alongs.

I think that kind of defeats the purpose though. I think what's "modern" is individual interpretation of the techniques we all use in different ways.

For myself, as I begin to be more comfortable with traditional techinques, I'm going to try and branch out into some "contemporary" visions of those techinques - you've seen a couple of examples - Berkley Square and Man's Fans, for instance.

But like you, I'm guessing that "modern" is in the eye of the beholder. :)

Jackie said...

I agree Jacquie and Victoria definitely do modern quilting. It is gorgeous too! I love what you are working on, bright an cheerful.


You are to darn funny lady.
What is modern? Modern is a silly term. No such thing....
People were making quilts with scraps sewn together a million different ways for eons... We are not doing anything original. Nothing is original... We are just doing our thing, and if that brings us JOY! then HURRAY! If it stitches together and stays together... It's a quilt.
that's my two bits on that!
(so when we gettin together to make something "MODERN?"


By the way... Is this a start of something small or something fantasically Big? I think you gotta Keep going on this... you just made a hot diggity dog border piece!
Now go sew your brains out...

jacquie said...

well said! you know it when you see it. though i think victoria is right, there's not much new in quilting, we're just reinterpreting what's come before us. i do love thinking of it as my own thing, though.

Em said...

LOVE LOVE your Kafffe and wonkie quilts! So grateful you came by my blog so I could find yours! Hope your children are feeling better, I hate barf! Em