Friday, October 31, 2008


What do you get when you have a pile of scraps and fingers that are itching to sew? Why log cabins, of course. Aren't they cute? They are just the cutest little things and I have made 10 so far. Yes, I know there are only five in the picture (I took it yesterday afternoon.) I will absolutely show the finished pictures of these little cuties. I'm off to Houston very early in the morning and will have, if not lots to say, then at least lots of pictures. Happy Halloween!


jacquie said...

boy am i with you on that...scraps and log cabins equal fun in my book. have a happy halloween.

Martha said...

Hi Shelly, welcome to blogerspace. I have posted more recently, your link is not showing that. I got inspired to finish my Fasset stars quilt after seeing yours. You are so prolific!!