Monday, October 13, 2008

more jelly and diamonds

Yeah, it's time to piece! First I like to lay my diamonds out in 4 x 4 rows. When arranging my diamond block I will make sure I don't make any block the same. The randomness is what will make this quilt sing when it is finished. If you have never sewn diamonds together before, notice that you want the tails "hanging" a 1/4in on each end. (A good way to measure this is to use a small scrap with your quarter inch sewn at the end.) Sew two units together and then two units to make a row. Sew the rows together by two and then the two bigger units together to make your diamond block. When pinning your rows together, put a pin perpendicular thru at the spot you want your seams to meet and pin on either side of this pin. Take the perpendicular pins out before you sew. Use your personal quarter inch measure to help with pin placement. And last but not least, use a sharp (as apposed to a universal) needle for piecing. Finger press your seams open as you go.

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