Friday, October 3, 2008

Omg, I'm a blogger. How exciting. Since this is a place to post my musings, I'll go ahead and jump right in. Quilting is both my passion and my obsession. I spend hours a day thinking all things "quilty." Last weekend was the AQQG quilt show. It was fabulous. Lots of quilts, ribbons, and all manner of things. And yes two of these ribbons went home with me. Also, my friend Karen made some beautiful flower pins for all my bee members to wear to the show. Didn't it turn out cute?
So what would a quilt show be without shopping. I did'nt buy much , but I did manage to get a jellyroll. I love these things. It is calling to me to cut it up as I'm writing this. More on that later. But for know let me say how excited I am that I am doing this because I love talking about quilting.

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Tracy said...

I LOVE that quilt with the stars! It just makes me smile!