Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

Yipee! Today is the first day of school! My beautiful babies, scrubbed and shiny as new pennies, headed out the door and I gotta tell ya, I was glad to see the back of them. So what did I do to celebrate? Why sewed my brains out in between loads of laundry. I have to make a doll quilt for the doll quilt 7 swap. I have a whole bunch of solids and an idea in my head. (My inspiration is a Gwen Marston quilt.) That being said, my swap partner is not the lover of bright in your face color that I am, so I'm having to choose my colors a little differently. Normally, I like brights, mediums and darks with a few lights thrown in for movement. However, for this project I'm using lights and mediums with a few darks and brights thrown in. Funnily enough it doesn't feel as odd as I thought it would. And here is my first set of blocks. I have a few more sets to go. Happy sewing!



It looks great so far! I need more solids to play with... Cant' wait to see where this one goes!

Amy said...

Something about solids draws me in everytime!