Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spike in Austin

Last night was the July meeting of the Austin Area Quilt Guild. Spike Gillespie was our guest speaker. She was witty and fabulous. She read from her book, "Quilty as Charged", told some funny stories, and showed some some quilts. You can't beat that combo with a stick. If you haven't read her book, she talks alot about the "counter-culture world" of quilters. Very well done. She has also quoted a lot a members of AAQG. My quote is on page 59. So if you are looking for some summer reading or are looking for a good speaker for your guild, give Spike a go. You won't be disappointed.
And in case you were wondering what I've been working on. The quilt in the background is a scrap swap that I owe Victoria@Bumblebeans. It will be off to her via the US mail tomorrow. Hope you like your sneek-peek V. Happy Quilting!


Victoria said...

Must be great to be able to meet with others that share the passion!

Thanks for the sneak peak, looking forward to seeing the whole quilt!

Andrea said...

Sounds so fun!