Tuesday, December 9, 2008

kaffe tree of life

Yesterday was extremely productive. I got mountains of laundry washed, dried, and put up, and I finished my little "Tree of Life" quilt. I got a stack of Kaffe fabrics from a friend and just had to do something with them. While I did draw my tree out myself, I did take inspiration from a number of sources starting with Kim Mclean, Sue Spargo, Becky Goldsmith, and of course the most fabulous Gwen Marston. It is not perfectly square and does not need to be. I will most definitely be making a series of these. I don't often work in a series but I feel like I have a few more trees in me. Besides, it is the season for gift giving and I have a long list.

1 comment:

Martha said...

Hi Shelly: Your tree piece looks beautiful. I like the quilting especially.
Merry Christmas and Peaceful Quilting.....