Friday, December 5, 2008

felted bag and more

Last night was my bee Christmas party. Lori loved the small wonky log cabin quilt I gave her. Yeah! I received the cutest felted bag from Kathy. I love it!
I finished quilting the brown log cabin quilt and finally got it washed. Today was the first day it has not been really windy here, so I was able to get some pictures. Our Thanksgiving was wonderful with the exception of the trip to the emergency room. My son crashed his bicycle, took a big chunk of skin off his elbow and had to have stitches. Now, if my children will stay out of the emergency room and my relatives will stay away I can get some good sewing time in this weekend. One can only hope.

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Bizarre Quilter said...

Oh yum! how beautiful is your bag? Did you make the felt the hot water and soap way?

I love the 2 quilts as well. Lots of contrast.


Loz in Oz