Thursday, April 21, 2011

5 Little Trees

My 5 little Trees of Life are done! It sure does feel good to finish a project! And I am so happy about the way they turned out.

The quilting looks GREAT! (If I do say so myself, which of course, I do!)

And know they are ready to go off to their new homes.

I wish you all a good holiday weekend and Happy Finishing!


Nifty Quilts said...

You've got one heck of a lot of patience to do the same thing 5 times! But it looks like they're all a little different. Congratulations!

Kit Lang said...

These are gorgeous together Shelly - what a shame to break them up! That said, I'm sure their new owners are happy about it! ;)

Have a wonderful long weekend.

Rene' said...

Wow Shelly the quilting does look beautiful!!! I did not realize you were making FIVE of them. Awesome! I'm sure the recipients will be delighted. Happy Easter!

Jackie said...

Love each and everyone! Just beautiful!