Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Home from Houston

The Houston Quilt Show is a spectacular show every year and this year was no exception. Especially since I got to see the show with Victoria. Funnily enough, this quilt was probably the favorite for both of us. (Great minds think alike.) The maker was Japanese (and I wish I had gotten her name) and it was spectacular! It had the look of an old hankerchief and the hand work was STUNNING. And although this is not necessarily the direction my work is going, I loved this quilt.

Two other quilts that literally stopped me in my tracks were very vibrant and colorful. What's not to like about a quilt that has movement and an "in your face" color palette? Makes my skirt fly up!

This quilt was made by Roberta Horton and hung in a special exhibit. In my opinion, this quilt was just about the best use of fabric I've ever seen. The design was really simple, the quilting was okay (it worked for this quilt but was nothing special), and the fabric did all the work. I LOVED this quilt!

And then there was this antique quilt. It hung in a special exhibit also. I loved this quilt!! (Hey V, how many times did I say I loved this quilt?) I love a quilt that looks like the maker had a great time making it. It made me smile. There's alot about quilting that does that to me.
Happy quilting to you!



well, honey if your skirts don't fly up then there ain't enough YEE HA! in the air... ;-)
geez we had fun.

when you coming back to NYC...

Andrea, the collector said...

Sounds like you gals had way too much fun. Was thinking of y'all while I was free-motion quilting that weekend. Thanks for the cheerleading while you were here!

Victoria said...

Must have been great to attend this show, great to hear you and your friend had such a fun time!

brbvcell said...

Glad you and Deb had fun in Houston, you both deserve it. The first three quilts are my favorites too. The third one is just a stunning use of all the bright colors that you love and I love the fun whimsy of the second one- I could see that one in autumn-y colors also.